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With Serving thousands of HTC owners around the world, HTC Unlocker is the most established online source for instant HTC IMEI unlock codes using hi-end technological solution to bypass Network Restrictions on your HTC Phones so that you can use your HTC with any network provider around the world thereby saving expenses on Roaming charges and National tariff cost.

At HTC Unlocker we take pride to provide you the best and most reliable HTC unlocking services online at affordable prices so that you can easily switch to your own desired network provider by choosing the most cost effective tariff plan available in the market so that you are not binded with network providers expensive contracts.

With minimum code generation turnaround time, widest range of supported HTC models and superior customer service by our dedicated customer support team ,we are proud to be the most trusted brand for unlocking HTC smartphones delivering quality services time and time again..

Our Unlocking Solution support all types HTC touch or type models and variants including the very first HTC model that was launched to the latest HD2. The technology behind HTC Unlocker underlies within highly advanced instant HTC unlock code server which is programmed to calculate and generate 100% accurate unlock code for the phone based on phone unique IMEI serial number so that your HTC remains unlocked forever. With these unlock codes you can instantly unlock your HTC phone within minutes as process for unlocking is as easy as dialing a number on your phone keypad.

The process to unlock HTC smartphone is by far the most simplest and easiest which requires no technical expertise. By our simple, straight forward ,easy to follow instructions, you can enjoy all benefits of unlocked HTC within minutes after placing your order with us, so to get started all you have to do is give us your phone 15 Digit IMEI Number (Type *#06# on your phone keypad) and we will supply you the unlock code within minutes so that you can use your phone worldwide with any GSM network provider.

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    Key Benefits of Unlocking HTC

Save money on roaming charges if you are a frequent traveler.
Use your phone with any GSM provider around the world.
Freedom to switch carriers without having to buy a new phone.
Increase resale value of your phone by 100%.
Use Dual SIM adaptors on your unlocked HTC so that you can set aside your office calls and leisure calls.
Permanent unlocking ,your HTC remains unlocked forever.
Instant delivery of unlock code to your email.
Fast and easy process, Simply dial in the unlock code and your phone is unlocked.
Your purchase is fully covered by our 100% money back Guarantee.
    How Unlocking Works?

At HTC Unlocker, All purchases are fully covered by our 100% Money back Guarantee and we are very confident in our unlocking system that it will surely unlock your phone but for any reason if we are not able to provide services that we mention ,simply contact us and we will gladly refund 100% of your investment, with no questions asked. Therefore you have absolutely nothing to lose.
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Leading top brand for unlocking HTC smartphones:

Operating since 2007 and unlocking more than 2000 handsets every month across the world, HTC unlocker remains to be market leader and number one choice for consumers in unlocking HTC smartphones. Our unrivalled focus and dedication to our services and clients is the reason that we have experienced such exponential growth.

Global Online Presence:

With serving thousands of HTC owners, resellers around the world, our global presence have been felt in many parts of world. The reason is solely due to our extra ordinary professional service , code generation turnaround times that none can compete with us online.

Wide Range of Supported Handsets:

At HTC unlocker, we pride ourselves in unlocking and to have the widest range supported HTC models. Be it any touch or type variant handset we can unlock any HTC handset from anywhere around the world. Simply scroll through our website to see our list of supported handsets for unlocking.

Cost Effective solutions and Affordable pricing model:

We always strive to provide our customers most cost effective unlocking solutions so that they can have the best quality services at very affordable prices. Our pricing model is exclusively set for every consumer who are looking forward to unlock their phone. However if you find better services or prices than ours then we will be happy to beat that for you. Plus a complete HTC unlocking solution which is backed by our 100% Risk free money back guarantee.

Customer Support:

At HTC unlocker, We are proud to have 100% consistent proven track record and unmatched customer service support by our dedicated customer support agents who are ready to provide you 24/7 365 days a year support services in any aspect of unlocking HTC smartphones.

Simply Amazing service, Received code very fast. These guys work as advertised and code worked great. Certainly recommended to everyone.

- Steve Henmer (US)
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